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Close Up: Entertainment Studies at UCLA Extension

Truly Affordable, Multi-Faceted Music Education: Located at the epicenter of the entertainment industry, the Entertainment Studies program at UCLA Extension provides dynamic professional training in the art and business of entertainment. Each year, the program offers over 250 individual courses and 11 specialized certificates. Its courses are designed for people who want real-world information combined with the integrity and quality of a curriculum approved by the UCLA Academic Senate. There are three basic full-scale music programs: Music Business, Inde-
pendent Music Production and Film Scoring. In 2018, UCLA Extension launched a shorter, four-course program in Music Supervision. Whether they enroll in certificate programs or take individual classes “a la carte,” students receive extensive networking opportunities; the deep industry experience of our instructors, all of whom are veteran industry professionals; and up to the minute information on changes in technology and the marketplace and what’s current in Entertainment.

The Basic Tenets: Pascale Cohen-Olivar, Program Director for Entertainment Studies, explains the five basic tenets of the program as “Affordability, Flexibility, Networking, Self-Reliance and Creativity.” Other essential elements setting UCLA Entertainment Studies apart from other programs are: accessibility to all (though Film Scoring requires prior musical training); a comprehensive array of courses is available year-round; a do-it-yourself approach to creating projects; hundreds of guest speakers share their experiences throughout the year; the value of UCLA Extension’s certificates; and a program curricula that is updated every five years. For each individual program, the website includes tabs explaining the Program at a Glance, plans of study for each time of year and details on home certificate study. There is a detailed description of each course and its credit value towards the program for those enrolled.

A Statement from the Program Director: Cohen-Olivar says, “Our selling point is the opposite of other schools because we don’t provide sophisticated equipment and encourage students to work with their own computers and home studio setups. But we do say we will help them make the most of the equipment at their disposal, motivate them to work hard and be resourceful and make the most of the incredible networking opportunities we provide via the industry pros who teach our classes and their high-profile guests. We emphasize relationship building and also offer internship opportunities for those enrolled in our certificate programs. We really enjoy seeing our students succeed in the industry without going into a huge amount of debt and programs that offer unique flexibility.”

Contact Entertainment Studies at UCLA Extension, 310-825-9064