Up Close: Cakewalk


Pioneering and Cutting-Edge Since 1987: Now part of the Gibson Brands family, Cakewalk has been at the forefront of music and technology since 1987. As the leading developer of powerful and thought- fully designed products for modern musicians, Cakewalk’s products include award-winning digital audio workstations and innovative virtual instruments. Millions of musicians worldwide—including producers, composers, sound designers and engineers—use Cakewalk products to produce audio for the music, film, broadcast and video game industries.

The SONAR Software Family: SONAR, Cakewalk’s flagship software, continues to innovate with features that lead the market. Cakewalk introduced SONAR’s 64-bit technology when most other companies were not even thinking beyond 32 bits. The SONAR Software family offers three versions: Artist ($99), Professional ($199) and Platinum ($499). Each offers the same high-tech core features—touch control, unlimited tracks/FX/Sends/Busses, 64-bit end-to-end audio engine, VST3/VST2/ DirectX compatibility, Mix Recall for switching quickly among different mix options and much more. All offer groundbreaking technology that provides serious tools to create, edit, mix and publish music.

SONAR-Platinum-Track-View 1

SONAR Features and Membership Program: SONAR Platinum’s extensive array of tools, plug-in effects, instruments and technology (like DSD import/export and vocal alignment) offers extreme flexibility for handling any kind of recording, mixing or remixing project. SONAR Professional complements a wealth of advanced technical features with a full set of professional-level effects plug-ins and virtual instruments, including the acclaimed ProChannel customizable channel strip, Melodyne Essential with ARA integration and Addictive Drums 2 Solo Edition. SONAR Artist, the most feature- laden recording software in its price range, offers unlimited track counts, superior audio quality, video support and many of the same high-tech specs as the flagship Platinum version. All ver- sions include 12 months of SONAR’s new membership program (not a subscription “rental” model), which lets customers take advantage of continuous product development by downloading regular updates, new features and presets, fixes, videos and other custom content through the new Cakewalk Command Center application. Unlike traditional software subscription programs, the SONAR Membership program gives you the choice of paying up front or monthly with the option to renew the plan after 12 months––regardless of renewal, you keep everything you own up to that point.