Charles Laurence Tape Restoration Freebie

Enter to Win Tape Restoration from Charles Laurence In This Week’s Friday Freebie

Charles Laurence Friday Freebie

Charles Laurence Productions is offering an analog tape restoration package that may help bring your Half Inch and Quarter Inch tapes back to life. As most recording musicians are aware most vintage tapes that have been shelved for an extended period deserve special treatment in order to play correctly. This is especially true for mid-seventies era high-output tapes made by AMPEX, AGFA and others where over time, the glue that binds the oxide to the plastic will absorb moisture and break down risking damage to expensive tape recording equipment and permanent damage to your Master tape.  The symptoms of "binder breakdown" are immediately obvious even when rewinding. Tearing sounds and sluggish behavior may occur and in many cases, the tape will stall well before reaching the halfway point making the transfer impossible to complete.

Fortunately Charles Laurence Productions has all technology and technical experience to help bring your precious Master Recordings back to life.

This Friday Freebie package is for ONE Master tape restoration process and includes tape baking tape transfer, re-mastering if necessary and two CD’s of the finished transfer. As every situation is different Charles Laurence Productions will consult with the winner to determine the best way to approach your restoration project. While Charles Laurence will make every effort to restore your master tape due to variables of how your tapes may have been stored over time, condition of your tapes. Environmental factors etc. best results will be attempted but not guaranteed.

In business for over 33 years master engineer producer Charles Laurence has worked in all styles of music live and in the studio. He specializes in tape restoration projects and has in house the ability to work on most analog and digital recording formats. Charles Laurence productions also have full tracking capability, Pro Tools and a great collection of vintage microphones and instruments.

Retail value: $300 ($75 per hour for four hours.)