Celestion Debuts Hempback Digital Dynamic Speaker Responses and Impulse Responses

Celestion has announced the debut of its digitally downloadable tones of the  Hempback guitar speaker, available as both Impulse Responses (IRs) for use with DAWs and Dynamic Speaker Responses (DSRs,) the next-generation digital speaker responses designed especially for use with SpeakerMix Pro, the self-contained studio-grade DAW plug-in which brings ground-breaking levels of detail and stunning guitar and bass speaker tones. The new Hempback digital collection is available for audition and download at CelestionPlus.com, just days ahead of the worldwide retail availability of the highly anticipated physical G12M-50 Hempback guitar speaker.
The first-ever hemp cone guitar speaker built by Celestion, the Hempback represents an exciting new development in Celestion’s never-ending pursuit of outstanding tone. The Hempback is distinctive and well-defined, delivering a balanced low end, plenty of mid-band character together with smooth, silky highs.

The speaker is particularly targeted for use in American voiced amps, for example combos such as a Deluxe Reverb® or Blues Jr.®, delivering true American-flavored tone along with cleans that are second to none. The Hempback offers a smooth and “smoky” sound that’s musical and responsive and lets the hemp tone shine through.

Both the Impulse Response and Dynamic Speaker Response files for the Celestion Hempback series are available individually or as a complete set. Explore the full range of sounds for this exciting new speaker, at a considerable saving over buying the individual files.  Each of the Hempback IR and DSR collections include five cabinet configurations: 1×12 (both open and closed back), 2×12 (both open and closed back) and 4×12 (closed back).
As a host program for the new Hempback and the entire collection of advanced Celestion DSRs, SpeakerMix Pro presents the genuine next-generation virtual speaker solution. More than just a top-level IR loader and convolution engine for hosting impulse responses-- it offers pristine sound, mixes up to six channels of different responses into a stereo or mono track and even fixes IR sample rate/project mismatches.
With SpeakerMix Pro, users can:

  • Discover Celestion’s proprietary Dynamic Speaker Responses (DSRs), the next generation in Impulse Response technology that capture the sound and feel of the speaker’s dynamic, non-linear response for even more detail and realism.
  • Integrate their personal library of Celestion and third-party Impulse Responses to make the most of the tones they already own. SpeakerMix Pro uses its unique DSR algorithm to make existing IRs more dynamic sounding, enhancing their tone with even greater feel.
  • Incorporate Celestion’s superb room responses (or add your own) into your mix for an authentic ‘live’ sound. Add room delay for further ‘depth’ and ‘size’.
  • Deploy the unique Z-curve function to closely model the dynamic electrical coupling between amp and speaker.
  • Fine-tune the mic position, enabling the user to adjust the position of the microphone across the speaker until they’ve found the tone that’s just-right (DSR-specific functionality).

The free 14-day demo of SpeakerMix Pro is available for download and automatically installs with 10 free DSR speaker cabinets curated to give users a broad tone experience across the Celestion range of guitar and bass speakers. Users can upgrade to the full version of SpeakerMix Pro at any time during or after the trial period. Simply purchase the full version of SpeakerMix Pro and select 10 free DSR cabs (choose the preferred DSRs from the available range on Celestionplus.com during upgrade).
All of Celestion’s Dynamic Speaker Responses and SpeakerMix Pro plugin are available for VST, AU and AAX compatible DAWs.