Celestion Announces AN2075 Speakers

Celestion, a leading supplier of professional loudspeakers and compression drivers for sound reinforcement applications, has announced the new 32 ohm version of the AN2075, a low profile 2-inch compact array driver, particularly well-suited for large-scale mini-array applications which require multiple drivers connected together. The new 32 ohm AN2075 joins others in the Celestion AN range of compact and lightweight full-range neodymium loudspeakers that are a popular choice for portable or discreet, low-profile sound reinforcement applications.

The new 32ohm AN2075 driver, in common with the rest of the range, utilizes an efficient neodymium magnet assembly and features a stiff and light aluminium cone that remains rigid to higher frequencies in order to deliver a smoother response. All the drivers in the AN Series have been built using a tough but lightweight glass-reinforced ABS chassis, designed for maximum free air movement, with a square mounting frame to facilitate close coupling of multiple units. And each of the drivers in the AN Series has been optimized using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) techniques to give a wider dispersion characteristic than conventional loudspeakers of this size.

Features of the AN Series include:

  • Full range frequency response from a very compact and lightweight driver
  • Superb performance as a result of advanced Finite Element Analysis techniques used for acoustic, mechanical and electromagnetic modelling
  • Optimised for applications such as portable line arrays where actively controlled wavefront (beam steering) is used
  • Wider dispersion output to higher frequencies than many equivalent compact, full-range drivers on the market
  • Square mounting frame to facilitate close coupling of multiple units
  • Stiff and light aluminium cone remains rigid to higher frequencies, delivering a smoother response in the critical listening band
  • Half roll elastomer surround provides damping for unwanted resonances and sustained centring control at extremes of excursion
  • Weather resistant for outdoor applications

More info at Celestion website.