Attend CCC's "Music in Advertising" Panel in Los Angeles

The California Copyright Conference is hosting a "Music in Advertising" panel on Jan. 8 at Sportsmen's Lodge Events Center in Los Angeles, CA.

The panel will discuss how music in advertising, no longer the domain of jingles and “selling out,” has rocketed into a strong revenue stream and creative way to break new artists. And the ever-changing media landscape has created new and more venues in which advertising can get views. But with change comes some uncertainty…

  • How should licensors be charging fees in this new, multimedia world?
  • Is an internet spot equal in clout to one on network TV?
  • What about ads on streaming services?
  • Should a “skippable” ad be licensed for the same fee as one that’s not?

The panel of advertising music supervisors and licensors will discuss these issues and more, so now you’ll be at the forefront of this vast new landscape as well.

The evening will be moderated by Mara Schwartz Kuge, President/Founder, Superior Music Publishing.

Panelists include: Pamela Lillig, Vice President Film & TV Licensing, BMG; Morgan Thoryk, Music Supervisor & Partner, Goodear Music Supervision; Brad Rains, Senior Vice President of Brand Partnerships & Commercial Licensing, Atlantic Records; and  Eryk Rich, Senior Vice President/Music Director, Deutsch Advertising