Music Catalog

Boutique Music Catalog Seeks Music Immediately

A music catalog managed by working music editors & music supervisors is seeking to add new music in various genres. Music must be broadcast quality, though excellent home recordings are acceptable.

Seeking the following types of music immediately:

1. Alt/Indie: Guitar or Synth-driven tracks in mostly medium to fast tempos. Instrumental and vocal tracks needed.

2. Pop/Electro-Pop/Pop-Rock: Melody & lyric driven. All tempos. Instrumental and vocal tracks needed.

3. Uptempo House/Electronica: Uptempo club/dance tracks in modern styles, i.e. trance, deep-house, progressive house, etc. With or without vocals.

4. Singer-Songwriter: Acoustic-based. Piano or acoustic-guitar focused with lead vocals. Mostly slow to medium tempos.

5. Country-Pop/Country-Rock: Modern or new country. Vocal based with rock, pop and hip-hop crossover influences in all tempos.

6. Cocktail Piano/Jazz-based instrumental solo piano. Think hotel lobby or piano bar. All tempos.

7. Big Band/Jazz/Lounge: Instrumentals only. Traditional big band swing, small jazz trios, etc. All tempos.

8. Elevator Music/Smooth Jazz: Modern smooth jazz - Sax, rhythm section, no vocals. Also accepting "cheezy" elevator/department store muzak (original compositions only; no muzak-style covers).

Composers and musicians from all geographical areas will be considered. Must be registered with a PRO.

To submit, visit filmmusic.net/job-details/FMN-Job-6084---Boutique-Music-Catalog-Seeks-Music-Immediately-1884.html