Book Preview: Rock 'N' Roll Lens: 30 Years of Music Photography and Stories


Rock ‘N’ Roll Lens: 30 Years of Music Photography and Stories

By Jimmy Steinfeldt

(hardcover) $50

These images, taken primarily in the ‘80s and ‘90s in Los Angeles, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Chicago and elsewhere, capture some of the greatest entertainers in popular music, from Stray Cats to Sinatra and from Cobain to Calloway. A truly passionate music fan as well as a fine photographer, Steinfeldt enthusiastically shares inside stories about each shot, the circumstances in which he snapped it and how it came to be chosen for his book. A bonus feature is author/journalist Harvey Kubernik’s interview with Steinfeldt that takes the reader deep into the photographer’s process. See http://jimmysteinfeldt.com.