BMI Launches Dynamic New Royalty Dashboard for Songwriters and Composers

BMI has announced the launch of a new dynamic Royalty Dashboard as part of a broader growth plan to enhance its overall affiliate customer service experience. Featured in the newly redesigned Online Services Platform (OLS), the interactive Dashboard gives BMI songwriters and composers a more streamlined and transparent way to view their statements and gain greater insights into their earnings than ever before.

For the first time, BMI affiliates will have a fully interactive view of their royalty statements, giving easier access and a deeper understanding of what is driving their earnings. Whether it’s a broad overview of how their catalog is performing or drilling down to specific earnings around a particular song, the Royalty Dashboard offers comprehensive details for increased transparency and a more intuitive, user-friendly experience.

Among the Dashboard’s key capabilities, songwriters and composers can now view their top- performing titles and search individual works for a convenient, consolidated earnings summary. In addition, affiliates can monitor quarterly and annual earnings trends, explore international earnings, and more.

“We’re excited to introduce the first iteration of BMI’s Royalty Dashboard through the redesigned OLS Platform as part of our commitment to delivering tools that empower our music creators,” said Alison Smith, EVP, Chief Distribution & Publisher Relations Officer, BMI. “Based on the feedback from an initial focus group of our songwriters and composers, we’re thrilled to report their enthusiastic response to the Dashboard’s intuitive features, particularly the ability to consolidate song performance earnings and filter by source.”

Additional enhancements to the Online Services Platform allow users to log in from a mobile web browser or through the new fully featured iOS mobile app that aligns with the website experience, making it easier to access information from anywhere at any time. The new platform is also the foundation for further enhancements and new capabilities, including additional self-service options and a publisher focused dashboard to be launched as part of a later phase. BMI’s new mobile app will also be available on Android soon.