Belafonte Family Foundation Collaborates with Sony Music Group to Empower Disenfranchised Youth

The Belafonte Family Foundation (BFF) announced a partnership with Sony Music Group and the company’s Global Social Justice Fund to develop a broad portfolio featuring progressive programming and resources for disenfranchised youth, with a passionate commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Supported by the individual grant donation, BFF will develop scholarships, advocacy services and entrepreneurial think tanks to promote education, health and wellness, the arts, social justice, food insecurity and more.

Together with Sony Music Group, BFF will continue to develop and implement programming that will drive home BFF’s mission to provide opportunities for historically underserved communities and address the imbalanced socio-economic playing field.

“We are extremely energized by Sony Music Group’s commitment to help support and fuel the work of The Belafonte Family Foundation.” says David Belafonte, Co-Founder and Executive Director of BFF. “We welcome their recognition of our mission statement and the intrinsic nature of what drove one of the company’s most prolific artists… to make a better world through both art and mission”.

The new programs mark a continued dedication by the Belafonte family to provide services and resources for participants to learn important life lessons while finding direction and purpose whether at work, at home, in the classroom or in their community.