Bandzoogle Members Make Over $75 Million

Music website platform Bandzoogle’s members have reached another milestone, with sales of music, merch, and tickets through artist websites surpassing $75 million.

Bandzoogle has never taken a cut of sales since launching direct-to-fan eCommerce tools in 2010. Despite the pandemic, in 2020, Bandzoogle members earned $12.7 million dollars through their websites alone, as artist websites continued to be the hub of direct-to-fan engagement and monetization.

“Launching tools like a virtual tip jar, live stream tickets, and an integration with Printful have helped our members generate even more revenue through their websites than ever before, and we’re really proud to be able to facilitate that,” says CEO Stacey Bedford. “With the pandemic, we wanted to expand our online tools to allow musicians to reach their fans directly, and give those fans multiple ways to help support the livelihoods of their favorite artists.”

2020 saw many artists offering expanded options to their fans through their websites, such as custom merch, integrated virtual events, workshops, lessons, and pay-what-you-want fan subscriptions.

With Bandzoogle members crossing the $75 million dollar mark, more fans than ever are supporting their favourite artists directly through their websites.

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