Hit the Decks! It's Wreckno

Queer bass artist Wreckno started bedroom DJing and making mashups of their favorite bass music tunes in 2015 when they were 19.

"I was a festi kid through and through and really wanted to mess around and mix the songs I loved together," Wreckno says. "I started recording my vocals however much earlier with my brother who used FL studio. I was probably 15 when we recorded our first track. After a few years of bedroom DJing, I started messing around in FL studio myself, as well as writing more and recording my raps over tracks with friends for collabs. Things started to take off in 2019 when I started playing my first shows. I was running around with my laptop and a Numark Mixtrack Pro 3, chasing the dream! So thankful for how far I’ve come since then."

Wreckno says that their sound is all about loud, brash, badass queer empowerment.

"I love to play in different sub genres," they say. "It can be trap, deep dub, house, breakbeats. I just love rapping and working on whatever I think is hot. You can tell from my sets because it’s usually a big mix of all these styles."

Wreckno's latest release is "Party Girl," a "gay house BANGER."

"I was in LA for my first record deal, going to my first sessions with new people in the industry," they say. "The night before a session with Avedon & Alex Chapman, myself and one of the girly pops got pretty lit for a Brownies & Lemonade show. It was a blast! But I was a shell of a human when I was in the Uber heading to the session. I wrote 'Party Girl' that day, pretty much just embodying the psycho crazy party lifestyle that I was living. “I’m a party girl, that’s my career!” It’s an anthem for every Party Girl. And it’s a state of mind, regardless of your gender."

As for gear: "I produce using FL Studio. I’ve got a UA Apollo Twin X for my interface, and Adam Audio monitors/subs set up in my studio. I record my vocals with an Austrian Audio OC16 mic that I recently purchased! I also have a Rowland Ax Edge keytar set up and connected to my computer as essentially a big midi keyboard!"

Looking ahead, Wreckno has plenty planned for the second half of 2024.

"I am super stoked to say my Party Girl EP will be dropping this summer, and I’ll be playing some festivals through July-October that I’m stoked about," they say. "There will definitely be shows as well! That’s what a party girl does! I've got quite a few collabs cooking with the likes of Jon Casey, Opiuo, and others that I’m stoked on too!"