Hit the Decks! It's OLYMPE

Italian producer and DJ OLYMPE started on her journey in electronic music seven years ago, in her home of Milan.

"I was jamming to one of my deep tech playlists with a friend who owns a club in Parma," she says. "His enthusiasm was contagious and he offered me free DJ lessons in exchange for summer gigs at his club.  At that time, I was adrift, yearning to be a film director but facing parental disapproval. Music was my sanctuary, a private world where I could express my emotions freely. The first day of DJ lessons is etched in my memory. It felt like destiny – the perfect outlet for my voice. From then on, mixing became an essential part of me, like breathing. Soon, I found myself drawn to crafting original sounds."

Describing her sound today, OLYMPE says, "My music is an ode to life, a pulsating current of energy that breaks boundaries and pushes the envelope. I relentlessly seek out sounds that ignite the soul, resonate deeply, and connect with people everywhere. My travels and performances fuel my creative fire. Every place I visit and every crowd I encounter leaves an indelible mark, shaping the soundscapes I craft."

OLYMPE has her first EP coming out on August 9, on the Just This label, with a remix from wooyork.

"It’s called 'Voice of The Night'," she says. "Harnessing my creativity in the last year at the academy, I created a melodic-techno song about the power that a siren holds. I wanted to fascinate my audience through the story telling of how she is empowered in her divine female energy. I produced with it with complex contrasting sounds that holds a marching beat, whilst carrying the lightness of the dreamy vocals."

As for gear: "When I play I use the DJM-V10 Mixer, the quality of the sound and the effects are amazing," OLYMPE says. "I also use 4 CDJ-3000, the Sennheiser HD 25  headphones and  I just bought TEIL2 Revolo for external effects which shapes the sound in a very interesting way. I produce on Ableton and mainly use plug-ins like Massive, Pigments, or Predator3 so wherever I am I just need my laptop to be fully creative."

Looking ahead, OLYMPE has plenty planned for the second half of 2024.

"Every event holds equal importance to me; what truly matters is the magic and energy shared between the audience and myself," she says. "I can’t wait to play at Amnesia Ibiza this week and closing the Mystic Garden Festival in Amsterdam. I’m making a return to Tomorrowland with Afterlife and Drumcode this year, I’ve got Kappa Futur Festival in my home country Italy which was always my dream to play at! And so many more events as well."