Back in the Day Freestyle Festival

It was definitely a day and night of celebration to remember, as on April 8, 2023, people from all walks of life gathered to enjoy life and freestyle music at the Back in the Day Freestyle Festival in Adelanto, CA. As the hot sun beamed down on concert goers, nothing but anticipation and hype surrounded the Adelanto stadium. 

Attendees traveled locally and from afar, to chill and relax for the weekend with good vibes. There was only one main stage that night; and performers like Lisa Lisa, Trinere, Shannon, Maryjane Girls, JJ Fad, Mellow Man Ace, Tapps, Lime, Nocera and many more, blessed the stage.

Due to the large amount of memorable moments throughout the day, it was hard to choose which ones stood out the most. New York sensation Lisa Lisa gave a heartfelt set with songs like “I Wonder if I Take You Home,” “Can You Feel the Beat,” “”Head to Toe,” to the ever emotional “All Cried Out. Trinere kept the crowd amped with her commanding voice and stylish moves. She gave us hits like “They’re Playing Our Song,” to “All Night,” to “I Know You Love Me.” The Maryjane Girls seduced the crowd with their hits, such as, “All Night Long,” “In My House,” and “Candyman.” The Originator of Spanglish hip hop, Mellow Man Ace, also gave us his legendary smash hit “Mentirosa” as he still receives love from attendees, after all these years. Shannon, the Queen of Freestyle music, portrayed such a carefree attitude as she did her thing on stage. “Let the Music Play” and “Give Me Tonight” are always a crowd favorite.

In addition, the emcees for the night were radio personalities Cece the Mamacita from 93.5 KDAY and Angel Baby from 106.5 FM. Both did an awesome job keeping the crowd engaged throughout the entire day.  

I want to thank Nationwide Presents for putting together such a great line-up. No fights nor non-sense happened that night; which is something we all can appreciate as concert goers. I’m definitely looking forward to next year’s follow-up.

photos by Daniel Seyum