Artist to Artist: Rely-Ability

Being rely able––depended upon with full trust or confidence––is an innate ability, something money can’t buy, so not easily calculated financially. Yet this natural, freely given characteristic is a huge part of the success of any project or venture, so important to factor into the equation at all stages.

As songwriter and co-founder of the band skinsNbones, I’ve learned that the music industry is all about establishing trusted connections, from first forming a band, through to your producer, and all there forward, and so just as important for solo artists’ success. Proving you’re “depend able” of meeting deadlines and delivering what is expected, at the level expected, all ways, to those you’re working with ensures a strengthening of these bonds, while also building greater trust and confidence in both you and your products.

Interestingly, the building of strong, rely able working relationships follows the very stages of the definitions of the word “rely” as it evolved through the ages. Initially and firstly, to “gather together” from “expressing intensive force” applied to “bind,” then later changing to “turn to, associate with,” and finally “depend upon with trust and confidence.” So, being rely able is established by connecting with others and demonstrating an innate drive, revealing those we prefer to work with and know we can turn to, and in doing so, developing a working trust and confidence that continues to strengthen and grow.

The value of rely ability is typically quickly noticed through any costs or expenses due to unreliability. So, ensuring you form connections with people you can turn to and depend upon fully not only reduces expenses but is also very profitable and intrinsically rewarding. Rely ability is both “price less” and priceless, so it is well worth taking time to research before deciding whose services are as rely able as your own and have the similar innate drive to succeed at all levels of your venture.

The success of our two latest singles, “Forever On” and “There’s Reason,” is a group effort––due to natural inner drive of rely ability, and its by-product of the development of similar meaningful connections based on mutual trust and confidence in each other’s work.

These rely able music connections continue to grow in large part thanks to Stephen Wrench of Musik and Film Services, whose trusted advice provided new highly beneficial professional relationships who provide the same rely ability, drive, trust and confidence, ensuring the success of our singles, and skinsNbones, continue to grow––such as Tom Estey of Tom Estey Publicity and Promotion, who, like Stephen, has professionalism that is only surpassed by his innate strength of ethics.

The value of rely ability is a large part of the formula of success. Knowing you’ve established valuable ethical connections that continue to strengthen intrinsic and financial rewards, plus success for all involved, who value you as much as you value them, and can rely on you as you rely on them, is highly valuable to all––in any industry––as it proves that freely given innate ethics not only brings great financial reward but is also at the heart of what propels the success of any venture––proving ethics is not only important but well worth factoring into the equation at all stages of your career in music.

Bones: Songwriter and Co-Founder of skinsNbones

BONES has been a songwriter and lyricist for over 15 years. Drums––the skins––are her first instrument and love, yet she doesn’t call her Self a drummer. Her passion for behavioural science and the health of the population and environment started as a very young child, leading to her Behavioural Science Degree––Alumni: Centre for Environmental and Population Health, Griffith University, Australia. Her many unexpected ‘rockNroll’ life experiences and knowledge gained from her studies allows her to do things more by heart and are at the heart of her transformative multi-dimensional lyrics designed to move people and their perceptions of their own free will into greater well-being, which led to co-founding skinsNbones.com