Author Giving Away New DJ Book

Free DJ ebookDJ Prophets, Business strategies from the world’s experts is a book about the business of DJ’ing written by the creator of Emulator and co-founder of SmithsonMartin, Alan Smithson. The book is not another “learn to DJ” book, however, it is more a guide on how to make a living doing exactly what you love.

“So many times I meet DJs who are struggling financially because they chose to pursue their passion. I wanted to give these hard working DJs the tools I have used to make millions of dollars doing what I love,” commented Smithson. “The book is not about how to DJ, there are tons of books and courses about that. This book is about the business of DJ’ing and how to set yourself up for a lifetime of unlimited success.”

The 128-page eBook contains stories, anecdotes and lessons from Smithson’s vast career as an investor, entrepreneur and DJ. At first glance, the book appears colorful and fun, full of pictures and stories, however, when you start digging into the book, you realize there is great information presented in an easy-to-read format. Because the book is available as an eBook, there are hyperlinks to videos and additional resources.

Chapters include:

•     Start with why – What is your life purpose?
•     Understanding your audience (Club Owners, Record Labels, & Corporate Clients)
•     Price vs. Value
•     Sales Strategies
•     Marketing 101 (Creating a unique identity and brand, EPK Mastery, etc.)
•     Legal Considerations
•     Marketing Tools (Write effective emails, Press Releases, Social Media, etc.)

“I wanted to give back to the industry that has allowed me to live an extraordinary life.  This is my gift to all the hard working DJ’s who do it for the love of the music, lifestyle and of the course parties,” stated Smithson.

The book will be available as a free download to the first 10,000 DJs from the books’ website: DJProphets.com. Once the first 10,000 copies are claimed, the book will be available for sale for $29.99 on Amazon and directly from the DJ Prophets website.

Music Connection readers can exclusively download from djprophets.com/MusicConnection.