Attend Who Knew's "An Evening with Music Supervisors" Event

WHO KNEW is delivering it’s super popular “Evening With Music Supervisors” on Nov. 1 at City Winery Nashville. This event packs the house every year and provides the audience with not only live music, but also delivers tons of knowledge about how music is selected for use in TV, movies, trailers, video games and branded advertising.

This event is for songwriter, artist, publisher, label executive, or people who simply want to learn about the synchronization process. The event is like “Shark Tank” with a panel of 5 A-list music supervisors in the role of the sharks; the entrepreneurs are 8 emerging musical artists. The format is simple- each artist performs a single song and gets to engage directly with the music supervisors and learn about what they liked about the song and how it may work for their projects.

The film, television and advertising music supervisors represent such notable outlets as Hollywood blockbuster films, Netflix Originals, hit TV shows, massive global brands, major international franchises, TV launch campaigns and promos, and much more.

For more, visit citywinery.com/nashville/whoknew110118.html