Attend the West Coast Songwriters Conference

Mark your calendar for the West Coast Songwriters 41st anniversary, celebrating the longest-running conference of its kind as an organization that hosts over 15 volunteer-run events each month. The 2021 Conference takes place September 10 and 11, and attendees can network with fellow musicians and industry leaders and participate in seminars, workshops and intimate mentoring sessions.  

Sessions cover songwriting and legal information, industry standards, vocal coaching, sound quality, stage presence, lyricism and more, and participants will have an opportunity to present to industry professionals and perform at showcases.

West Coast Songwriters has announced a Youth Scholarship for its upcoming Annual Conference Saturday September 11, 2021. The Youth Scholarship will be for 22 years and under. Applicants must submit an essay (250 words or less) on what they would hope to get out of attending the Conference and links to their music - website, youtube, soundcloud, etc. The application PDF should be sent to [email protected].

Full details at westcoastsongwriters.org/conference.