Attend ASCAP Webinar 'NFTs: What Every Music Creator Needs to Know'

Want to get started with NFTs? Watch this first.

What are NFTs? How are they relevant to my music career? How can I use NFTs to build my fanbase? What does “non-fungible” even mean?

If you’re trying to wrap your head around NFTs, Wednesday’s NFTs: What Every Music Creator Needs to Know conversation is a must-watch. ASCAP music + NFT experts will talk about:

  • How NFTs can give indie creators more leverage and creative options
  • Revenue models and intellectual property concerns
  • The importance of choosing the right platform
  • The environmental impact of NFTs
  • …and many more topics, all centered around music creation 

ASCAP moderator Matt Medved describes it: “Weeks are months, and months are years in the NFT space” - don’t miss out!

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