Music Artist's Coalition

Artists, Songwriters and Executives Form Music Industry Coalition

A number of musical artists, songwriters and artist representatives announced today the formation of the Music Artist's Coalition (MAC)—a music creator’s coalition with the mandate to advocate for and protect artists’ rights. The group has set a clear mission to speak for artists, performers and songwriters—first, foremost, only—and without compromise.

Led by Irving Azoff, Coran Capshaw and John Silva, the initial Board for the organization will include artists such as Don Henley, Dave Matthews, Shane McAnally, Maren Morris, Anderson.Paak, Meghan Trainor and Verdine White.  The Board will also include Jordan Bromley, Jim Cicconi, Kristen Foster, Susan Genco, Elliot Groffman and Ali Harnell.  Other artists and songwriters who are committed to advocacy will be asked to join the coalition.

“Artists decide their musical fate every time they write a song or step on stage.  Their true fate—the ability to protect their music—is being decided by others—bureaucrats, government legislators and the powerful digital gatekeepers.  We are forming the Music Artists Coalition (MAC) to ensure that there is an organization whose sole mission is to protect the rights of music artists, performers and songwriters,” said Don Henley.

“Emerging artists deserve the same opportunity that many of us had—to be able to make a living creating music. It’s important for today’s musicians to pave the way for those in the future,” said Dave Matthews.

The MAC believes artists should have the right to decide how best to protect the fate of their music and their other rights as content creators.  As technology has brought many exciting new ways to experience music, the rewards need to be shared fairly with those who create it.

With the music business at an inflection point, decisions are being made now that will impact music creators’ intellectual property rights and livelihoods for decades to come.  The newly formed Music Artists Coalition’s agenda is to address the complex issues facing artists today in a rapidly changing digital landscape and to give artists an uncompromised voice in all debates which impact today’s artists and the artists of tomorrow.

From the Copyright Royalty Board proceedings, and the formation of the Mechanical Licensing Collective under the Music Modernization Act, to the modernization and reform of the safe harbor protections for the world’s largest online service providers, to the lack of national protection for the right of publicity, the Music Artists Coalition plans to tackle a wide-reaching set of issues. The coalition also intends to inspect and opine on various state legislation and policies that impact artists as well.

The Music Artists Coalition puts artists in the driver’s seat about the issues that shape their careers.  The coalition will inform, educate and protect all artists’ rights with active participation in national and state legislative and judicial matters affecting artists. The organization looks forward to partnering with other industry organizations where appropriate.

“There is no music business without the artists. We have a responsibility to protect the people who write the songs and create the music. MAC will be the voice and defender for all music creators,” said Irving Azoff.

“Music plays a vital role in so many people’s lives and the creators of music are sacred, so their rights must be protected.  MAC aims to represent, advocate for, and serve those creators in this evolving digital age,” said Ali Harnell.

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