Artist Sean Caramore Commemorates 9/11 20th Anniversary

Sean Caramore is a country singer/songwriter from Long Island, NY. As he likes to put it “Country isn’t only born in the South”…

From a young age Sean performed in many school musicals and community theatre productions. Though he was passionate about acting his love truly lied in the music.

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, Caramore has written a personal song "Home" about his connection with the events and its lasting effects on the United States.

In a statement from Caramore:
It wasn’t easy writing this song, there were so many different directions we could go with it.
One thing I wanted to be careful about was not commercializing a
tragedy and trying to tell someone else’s story.

So, instead, I told my truth. I talked about how I should be too young to remember but somehow I’ll #NeverForget. I talked about growing up with moments of silence in school.

Being from New York your roots are a huge part of who you are, and in one way or another 9/11 is a part of that story, it’s a part of our culture.
On a more personal note, my brave father was a first responder and that direct impact has always stuck with me. This song is very much a tribute to him, as well. I talked about never knowing what my Dad truly experienced, and the fact that time is never promised.
I am honestly very proud of how it turned out. And I’ve been listening to it for almost a year now...
For more information on Sean Carmore and to hear "Home," click here.