Artist Dominique Side Unveils Eco-Conscious Fashion Line

Vegan Fashion Week is taking the stage in Los Angeles this week and one of the latest attractions will be a new eco-conscious clothing line that will be unveiled to the public.
It’s the product and brainchild of Houston, Texas based vegan entrepreneur Dominique Side

Known as @vgnbaedom on Instagram and DOM in the music world, she is an artist and vegan fashion/lifestyle influencer that’s built a compassion based business empire. She has owned a boutique vegan grocery store and operates the eco-friendly VgnBae music studio and media complex. Now, she's launching the new vegan clothing line called “Nikki Green”.
Combining both high fashion and compassionate living, Dominique ensured luxury sustainable materials were used with custom hardware and figure enhancing cuts. Incorporating a transparent supply chain for the creation process, she is determined to keep all aspects of the manufacturing/production humane and supportive of the environment.

Always looking to lift up and inspire her fellow ladies, Dominique said, “I’ve designed everything in Nikki Green to help women feel powerful enough to command any room.”
Her music has been heard on playlists for the radio, movie soundtracks, and in retail stores. Featured in Women’s Wear Daily, MIC, The Chalkboard Mag, Hype Magazine, iHeartRadio, and on CBS, ABCFOX,NBC, she is reinventing the image of veganism. 
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