Anomalie Combines Classical and Contemporary with Novation

Anomalie talks influences, instruments and the writing process behind his debut album, ‘Galerie’.

Weaving chord progressions with masterful music production, Nicolas Dupuis, widely known under his moniker Anomalie, is a pianist, producer and songwriter whose music is a fusion of electronic music, hip-hop beats and jazz. Hailing from Montreal, Anomalie’s melodies are equally vibrant as they are mellow and emotive, enticing you to dive further into their sonic worlds and uncover different qualities with each listen.

Since his earliest collection of songs on ‘Métropole’ in 2017, Dupuis has honed his craft in layering piano melodies with alluring beats in his projects. After his last collaborative work with Chromeo on ‘Bend the Rules’ in 2021, Anomalie’s debut album, ‘Galerie’ goes collaborates further with the likes of Mateus Asato, Bad Snacks, Masego and more bringing in guitar lines, searing strings and vocal lines, each an impeccable brush stroke in the world that ‘Galerie’ paints.

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