Andrew Watt to Lead VAMPR Academy Courses

The music industry’s leading online professional network for music creators, Vampr, has announced  Vampr Academy. The premier music education streaming platform will serve as the industry standard for artists from beginner to pro to take their career to the next level. Vampr Academy is a monthly subscription with an option for one off courses, available to users on Vampr within the app as well as on the Vampr website, lending itself to more connections within the Vampr community. Vampr Academy will be available April 27th with the formal launch announcement in person at NOLA MusicTech.

Led by Andrew Watt, Vampr Academy will roll out new courses every other month in a user-friendly digestible format, covering subjects such as Music Business Essentials, their flagship course, to Understanding the Folk Market, an Instrument Series on Vocal technique, and more. Watt joins Vampr from Melbourne University, where he served as the Professor of Music Business. He is an internationally experienced music industry attorney with a diverse background as an artist manager, venue owner, tour promoter, and music publisher. Watt is also the author of four editions of the textbook, Welcome to the Jungle - Navigating the Music Business.

Emulating the classroom environment, Vampr Academy users will be able to connect with fellow students and Vampr users in real time within the app as well as on the Vampr Academy website. “Ultimately, all we want is for artists and creators to have the tools they need to excel. I am excited to streamline that process and offer world-class education for all levels within the industry,” co-founder Josh Simons shares. “Andrew is an incredible resource and the perfect person to create this platform. I can’t wait to see our users accomplish great things and incorporate their feedback as the education platform evolves.”

In a market with an overwhelming number of options, Vampr Academy simplifies the process of understanding the music industry, giving artists all the tools they need to succeed in an ever-changing climate. In addition to world-class courses users will have access to checklists, cheat sheets & templates, live Q&A to ask questions of the instructors, bite-sized practical video lessons delivered by internationally renowned instructors, access to all Vampr Pro features, and much more.

There is an exclusive early bird special price for all Vampr users and NOLA attendees who sign up within  the first two weeks, reducing the monthly rate from $23.99 to $19.99.

To learn more about Vampr Academy visit vampr.me/academy