An Aerial Protest at Capitol by Morrissey Fans

Morrissey fans hired a plane to fly a protest sign over the iconic Capitol Records building in Hollywood on Friday afternoon, demanding the release of the artist’s studio album, “Bonfire of the Teenagers."

Originally announced in 2021, the record label shelved the album the following year after Morrissey was dropped from the roster. In an interview with NME, Morrissey described it as “the best album of [his] life.” 

Morrissey also told NME that although he does not believe that Capitol Records in Los Angeles signed ‘Bonfire of Teenagers’ in order to sabotage it, he is quickly coming around to that belief.

Fans continue to call for the album’s release. According to the fans behind the planner banner effort: "Now we have stepped up matters and taken to the sky to have our voice heard from above! Please help us get the word out about this indignity and maybe we will get the album released soon!"