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The Americana Music Association Launches Artist-Centric Touring Initiative for Its Members

The Americana Music Association has launched its new artist-centric initiative, The Americana Tour Blueprint, as a touring resource for members of the not-for-profit music trade organization. Tying into this announcement, an inaugural tour featuring Caitlin Canty and Oshima Brothers will commence on Jan. 4, 2019.

The Americana Tour Blueprint was created by the Americana Music Association to provide convenient, up-to-date information in the form of a map for its artist members to easily book a tour along a route, while also providing additional information to potentially supplement their tour stops with marketing support. This map includes an ongoing list of venues, radio stations, record stores and publications in multiple U.S. markets that support Americana music acts.

As of today’s launch, the map currently lists almost 100 markets located slightly beyond the I-95 corridor on the East Coast, and the association intends to expand the initiative nationwide to serve as the ultimate guide for Americana artists to connect and engage with hundreds of markets across the country.

In addition to having venues listed that book Americana music acts, several of the venue managers and owners have agreed to actively participate in the initiative by accepting private submissions for booking consideration from the Americana Music Association’s almost 1,500 artist members.

“We are incredibly excited about this new initiative and thrilled that Caitlin Canty is the first artist to be a part,” said Jed Hilly, Executive Director of the Americana Music Association. "The Tour Blueprint will serve as an invaluable resource for artists in our community who are constantly seeking opportunities to cultivate their audiences and turn them into fans. This tool is a direct reflection of that drive, and we hope that these musicians can use this to help propel their careers forward as they take their music out on the road.”

"I only wish something like this existed when I was starting out as a DIY touring musician," added Canty. "It took me a long time to find the right venues and stations for my music and cultivate those relationships. This Americana Tour Blueprint is a great tool to help musicians who are just starting to tour, and to bring more clarity and direction to any artist on the road. It's a smart roadmap for anyone looking for venues or radio stations friendly to Americana music."

Mark Lourie of Skyline Artists Agency, agent for both Canty and the Oshimas, provided guidance on the creation of this artist resource.

"I'm so pleased to have played a role in helping develop the Americana Tour Blueprint," said Lourie. "While certainly an incredible resource for independent artists who may not have yet found professional management or agency representation, it's also a great asset for those professionals to find in one location, the range of radio, media and other support services available to help support an artist's tour or release."

To celebrate the launch of the Americana Tour Blueprint, the association will be presenting a 13-city tour featuring Canty and Oshima Brothers that will begin on January 4 in New York City, NY. (Please see below for a full list of dates.)

Tickets for these shows are on sale now and available for purchase at caitlincanty.com.

Members of the Americana Music Association will receive a special discount code to purchase tickets via the email address associated with their membership account on November 1.

The Americana Tour Blueprint is one of many resources provided to members of the association. With an annual membership beginning at just $35 for artists and $75 for industry professionals, one also receives access to a directory of around 3,000 members worldwide, comprehensive how-to guides for music business professionals and artists, exclusive discounts, benefits and more opportunities. To learn more about memberships or to join, please click here.