American Merit to Fund Album with Music Benefactors

Music Benefactors has announced their next partnership with the Texas rock band, American Merit. American Merit is a 4-piece band out of Palestine, TX managed by legendary artist manager, Larry Mazer (Kiss, Cinderella, Cheap Trick, Pat Benatar, Peter Frampton, Breaking Benjamin, Lamb of God, Megadeth, Buckcherry) and Nathan Gillis (drummer of Blacktop Mojo). Check out previous releases from American Merit here.


The goal of this offering is to fund recording, packaging, manufacturing, and marketing for a 10 to 11 track album of original music. This record will be produced and marketed independent of the major label system which creates a better return of investment than that offered by major labels. Management will put together a team of independent experts to produce and package the record, produce videos, and oversee worldwide marketing. Distribution will be handled worldwide by The Orchard, the largest distributor of independently produced music. If the funding goal of $100,000 is met, American Merit anticipates recording to commence in the fall of 2021 with worldwide release in early 2022 on the formats of physical CDs, vinyl, digital downloads, and streaming. The band is also planning extensive tours to help support the release.


American Merit is giving investors first claim to royalties. No royalties will be paid to investors until the investors receive their principal investments paid back in full.


Manager Nathan Gills (Blacktop Mojo + Cuhmon Entertainment) shares, "Good music is art. I believe good artwork makes the world a better place, and it would be an utter shame for it to be hidden for any reason. The best explanation for my involvement in helping American Merit get their music recorded at the highest quality possible, and spread across the world is because if you love their music the way I do, you don't have the choice NOT to."


About Music Benefactors. Music Benefactors is an SEC registered investment platform for the music industry. Recording artists and independent music businesses raise capital for new projects and monetize catalogs by partnering with fans and investors. Recording artists, indie labels, music publishers, venues and music technology companies use the platform to fund their businesses and further connect with fans. Fans and investors share the income the projects generate. Independent music businesses can raise up to $5 million per year.


For more information on Music Benefactors, visit musicbenefactors.com/.


For more info on American Merit, visit: americanmeritband.com