Stillbirth Sign to Distortion Music Group

Distortion Music Group, the new boutique metal label led by Maurizio Iacono (Kataklysm/Hard Impact Management) has signed up and coming Surf ’n' Slam death metal warriors STILLBIRTH.
Speaking about signing with Distortion Music Group, the members of Stillbirth say:
"The time has come to surf further and explore a new wave and in new territories. We are very happy that Maurizio and his team from Distortion Music Group will also get on board with us and ride the new waves together.
After many years of working with Unique Leader Records, it's time for a change and we think Distortion Music Group will help us to master this change successfully. We are convinced of DMG's boutique concept and years of experience in the death metal universe will bring great results.
For us, the independence of the creation of our art has always been in the foreground and with DMG we get a partner who supports this way of working and gives us the freedom to explore our art and music on our terms.
The first new album under Distortion Music Group will be released in 2023 and we are already working on the new tunes and grooves. We are looking forward to the partnership with Maurizio and Distortion Music Group and to the organic growth together.”
Addressing the signing of STILLBIRTH, Distortion Music Group CEO Maurizio Iacono shares:
“The buzz Stillbirth have been creating has resonated worldwide, these death metal surf maniacs deserve to be heard further and with conviction, together with our artist first mentality, we are excited to unleash the next chapter of STILLBIRTH’s creations, We look forward to their next album coming out in 2023!!"


Lucas Swiaczny - Vocals
Leonard Willi - Guitar
Jens Strack - Guitar
Martin Grupe - Drums
Lukas Kaminski - Bass