Amazon Studios

Get Your Music on an Amazon Studios Original Production

MusicOpps.com is pitching top independent tracks to production company producers currently working on multiple Amazon Studios projects. These productions include both Amazon Prime Original TV series and films. Amazon Studios distributes to over 200 countries worldwide and windows top-tier releases for independent studios and box office productions. Producers are looking for independent artists/publishers and composers with commercial-ready music that is unique, bold, creative, stand-out, passionate, authentic and audacious. Producers seek to discover new artists and new sounds to inspire their creative process. Producers and are open to suggestions and will be reviewing tracks weekly. Avoid sending library-style music or Top 40 covers.

Genres accepted include pop, Orchestral/Classical, Country, Singer-Songwriter, Dubstep, Rock, Metal, Alternative, Indie Rock, Punk, EDM/Dance, Hip-Hop, Rap, Instrumentals, World Music/Cinematic, Industrial and Cross-Genre music welcome.

- A SoundCloud or DSound link of your song (for producers to stream). No file-delivery or FTP.
- WAV file/MP3 and metadata (once reviewed and selected for broadcast).

SUBMISSION FEE: $15.00 per track

To apply, visit musicopps.com/2018/05/opp-amazon-studios-placement.html