Album Review: "Umbra" by Greyscale (8/10)

Distributed by: Fearless Records

Producer: Courtney Ballard

Every few years, a teenager’s favorite underground pop-punk band finds a smooth transition into mom’s radio-ready pop. On this, Grayscale’s third LP, the Philly fivesome’s addition of horns and a choir may have been the spark for such a transition. Umbra delivers catchy hooks on “Without You,” “Dirty Bombs” and “Babylon (Say It to My Face)” while the rest of the album brings a mostly-somber, ballad energy. If the release were 2 songs shorter, this LP might be a 9 out of 10. But as is, the tail-end loses energy toward the finish line. Either way, one thing is clear, these dudes can write a tune. Listen to “Live Again” for proof.