Vista Kicks

Album Review: Twenty Something Nightmare by Vista Kicks (8/10)

This L.A.-based rock quartet comes off last year’s Booty Shakers Ball with a sophomore effort that continues a standard of stellar harmonies and inventive songwriting. The 18-track album really feels like a labor of love in the way these guys take a
kitchen sink approach and throw caution to the wind. Imagine music on shuffle where Beach Boys-like vocals collide
with a Big Star-meets-The-Kinks sensibility. It’s a wild ride that features a plethora of musical curveballs such as the power pop/R&B vibe of “Million Dollar Seller,” the grooving jazz-type rocker “Wrong Side of Town,” the Tin Pan Alley-like “Cool It” and a host of other treats.

Rating: 8/10
Little Hook Records
Producer: Vista Kicks and Joe Napolotano