CD Review: Reagan Browne

Reagan Browne 

Reagan Browne


Producer: Nicolas Farmakalidis

Score: 8 out of 10


Browne is an L.A.-based singer-songwriter, with a multi-octave range that draws from the Cornell/Coverdale/Rodgers school of soul and emotion. A lot of ground is covered on his E.P. starting with the high energy ‘80s/‘90s rock of “Gotta Get Loose.” The auto-biographical “Still That Boy from Texas” is a sonically dynamic power ballad for dreamers. “Killing Me is Your Thing” is about as raw and heartfelt as it gets. “Followed by Ravens” features epic melody and vivid storytelling while “Loud but Unheard” is a rock & roll tour de force, with guest Marty Friedman on lead guitar. There is a pervasive sense of urgency in Browne’s voice that permeates each track. The result is a very “live” in the studio performance.   – Eric A. Harabadian