Tiny Stills

Album Review: Laughing Into the Void by Tiny Stills (8/10)

In the spirit of artists like Courtney Barnett, That Dog and ‘90s power pop comes the quartet Tiny Stills, fronted by clever wordsmith and multi-instrumentalist Kailynn West. What’s really attractive and engaging about this band is the seemingly sunny disposition of the music juxtaposed with West’s brutally honest lyrics. She beams with positivity, but delivers it with a reality check. The woman is “woke,” as evidenced by the relationship stalemate of “Colorblind,” the emancipated “La La” and the playfully caustic “Someday Everyone That Hurt Me Will Be Dead.” As the face of Tiny Stills, West comes across as extremely human, with songs that seem relatable and heartfelt.

Rating: 8/10
Tiny Stills Records
Producer: Kailynn West and Andy Freeman