Album Review: "Live at the Baked Potato" by Soft Machine (8/10)

Distributed by: Moonjune Records

Producer: Theo Travis

In support of their first studio album in 37 years, the famed British jazz-rock band embarked on a world tour during 2018-2019. Near the end of that tour the quartet recorded this live date at the hallowed L.A. jazz haven known as The Baked Potato. Much like The Grateful Dead or King Crimson, Soft Machine has evolved over the years, both musically and with their lineup. To the band’s credit the program is a thoughtful cross-section of early fan favorites, including “Hazard Profile” and “Out Bloody-Rageous.” Guitarist John Etheridge, bassist Roy Babbington, drummer John Marshall and woodwind- keyboardist Theo Travis simply shine.