Album Review: Kid Ink - My Own Lane


Kid Ink • My Own Lane • Tha Alumni Music Group/88 Classic/RCA Records • Producers: Various • Score: 8 out of 10

The real joy of this album is found through the intimacy of headphones. Yes, the songs are catchy and enjoyable with the volume cranked but the full effect is best absorbed when flowing exclusively to the ears. We are invited to not only hear Kid Ink, but feel him.  At the simplest level, it encourages a smile with songs like “We Just Came to Party,” while deeper themes are revealed through “No Miracles.” Some stereotypical elements of the genre appear, but still a classy, clean sensation rules the record. Exciting to think where the story may go for Kid Ink, given this is his major label debut. There is more to be said of “My Own Lane” but “well done” will sum it up just fine.
– Carl Anthony