Julia Michaels

Album Review: Inner Monologues Pt. 2 By Julia Michaels (8/10)

"The best songs are the ones with truth."

True to its name, pop music’s star songwriter Julia Michaels weaves together conversational pieces of one’s "inner monologues" about love, about hurt and hope. The EP is pop-heavy with crafty lyrics relatable to almost everyone. Michaels starts the new EP with the nostalgic track “17” hinting at a yearning for the feelings of young, carefree love singing “Can we stay in this dream?” This shifts to conversation around owning mistakes like falling for boys rather than men and understanding what it means to be so willing to fall in love despite the inevitable obstacle to the perfect endgame whether it’s being too busy to loving yourself or being too harsh to even reject the temptation of an ex who wants you back. Michaels isn’t afraid to be explicit and calls things as they are regardless of consequence. The best songs are the ones with truth.

Listen to Inner Monologues Pt. 2 here:

Rating: 8/10


Producers: Jesse Shatkin, Louis Bell, Benjamin Miller, Ian Kirkpatrick, Doc McKinney, Mike Sonier, Scott Harris, Jorgen Odegard