Album Review: Between The Buried and Me's Self-Titled Debut Vinyl Re-Release (10/10)

Producer: Jamie King

Label: Craft Recordings

Score: 10/10

18 years ago, BTBAM's self-titled debut was released on the indie metal German label, Lifeforce records. The album marks a time when founding members Tommy Rogers was finding his signature scream and guitarist Paul Waggoner was chugging more hardcore than sweeping metal. And it works. The record piqued the interest of hardcore Chicago label, Victory Records who signed the outfit and later re-released the debut LP.

Musically, there's a sincerity in the rawness that is Between The Buried and Me's debut. Rogers varied his screams from high to guttural, and while tracks like "Fire For A Dry Mouth" expose the elements of BTBAM we know today, songs like "More of Myself to Kill" instead possess brutal palm mutes and unforgiving Waggoner breakdowns. 

Now reprinted in clear vinyl, the band didn't just re-release the album, they took the time to remix for vinyl release. While it's likely better as a wall-mounted collection piece, the low-end is definitely present in this remix along with brighter lead guitars thanks to long-time BTBAM producer, Jamie King (Glass Casket, He Is Legend).

Disclaimer: Like many vinyl releases in the genre, expect quite a bit of noise toward the center of each side, likely due to printing on a budget (something rather uncommon for BTBAM since leaving Victory) -- but hey, it still beats a Spotify steam any day.

While the band re-released this record to honor their upcoming tour, "An Evening with Between The Buried & Me," the group had to postpone due to COVID-19. While you're likely as devastated as this reviewer is, stay tuned to their socials for updated tour dates and info on how to get your hands on this limited edition release.