Emerson Lougman Palmer

Album Review: Be Empirical by Emerson Loughman Palmer (8/10)

"Loughman's production with Simon Phillips' engineering is warm, engaging and strikingly crisp."

You’ve got modern rock & roll royalty here with Emerson Swinford, Mark Loughman and David Palmer, whose six-song EP contains melodic, cleverly conceived gems. Loughman’s production with Simon Phillips’ engineering is warm, engaging and strikingly crisp. “Finding Sense” grabs you with an intelligent take on the current state of society, consumerism and politics. “The Best I Can Give Is All You Get” is a delight, with ‘60s harmonics and a Marc Bolan/Cheap Trick feel. “You See Wonderful, You See Pretty” is also noteworthy for its socially astute lyrics and rich guitar work.

Listen to their song "Finding Sense," off Be Empirical, here:

Rating: 8/10

LonMan Records

Producer: Mark Loughman