album review parker millsap the very last day

Album Review: Parker Millsap - "The Very Last Day" (8/10)

This is the latest release for singer/songwriter Parker Millsap, a follow-up to his very
 well-received 2014 self-titled debut. For
 this 20-something Oklahoman, singing like 
there’s no one listening has been a way of
 life since he was a kid. This latest features 
Millsap drawing heavily from his gospel roots 
and blending that with a rustic folk and early 
rock & roll swagger. This is a nice slice of
Americana that rings real and true, with tuneful gems like the rhythmic “Pining,” the fiddle-infused “Morning Blues” and the tender “Jealous Sun.” The production is live and personal, as if Millsap and his band are playing right in your living room.

Score: 8 out of 10

Parker Millsap
The Very Last Day
Thirty Tigers
Producer: Parker Millsap & Gary Paczosa