AirTurn "Freedom to Perform" Package Freebie 2 - (archive - 07/31/15)

Enter to Win a “Freedom to Perform” Package from AirTurn
in This Week’s Friday Freebie!


Enter to win a complete AirTurn “Freedom to Perform” Package that includes:

• The AirTurn DUO Wireless Pedal Control: for tablets, smartphones and computers; hands-free page turns and app controls so subtle, no one will notice that your hands never touched the screen.
• Manos Universal Tablet Mount: holds smartphones and tablets from 5” to 13.3” with protective covering.
• goSTAND Portable Mic and Tablet Stand: for the traveling musician or performer as this stand compacts down to 18” and weighs 2.6 lbs.
• goSTAND Telescoping Boom: connects to any standard mic stand and compacts down to 16” and weighs 1.3 lbs.
• Sidemount Extension Bar: heavy duty steel extension bracket for MANOS Tablet Mount and other popular mic threaded (5/8″- 27) devices.
• From Paper to Pixels (Paperback): a guide for musicians making the transition from paper sheet music to digital sheet music readers and apps.
• One Black Backpack: all of this gear will fit into this backpack, allowing you to have the freedom to perform at every gig–guitar and musician stool is not included.


AirTurn gives freedom to technology users to play, present and perform. From the music to industry of all types, wireless controls are playing a ubiquitous role when interacting with tablets, smartphones, computers and portable technology of all types. While the music space is AirTurn’s prime focus, solutions are customized for all industries from assisted technology to medical and industrial.

Retail Value: $311