AI Music Producer Report 2024

A new report looks at music producers' attitudes towards AI in music and how common it is to use AI in music production in 2024.

A few interesting insights:

- AI’s Rapid Adoption: Today, 25% of music producers use AI tools, marking a significant shift in the industry.

- Creative Control Over Technology: A striking 82% of producers resist fully embracing AI to preserve their artistic integrity.

- Generative AI Sparks Controversy: Only 3% of producers use generative AI to create full songs, with younger producers surprisingly showing more resistance than older producers.

- Generational Divide: Younger and older producers have starkly different attitudes toward AI, highlighting a generational split in technology adoption.

- Economic Impact of AI Tools: Despite AI’s transformative potential, a majority of producers prefer free tools, raising questions about the monetization of AI in music.

Here is the link to read or download the full report.