BOSS Unveils New System Updates for GT-1000 and GT-1000CORE

BOSS announces system updates for the GT-1000 and GT-1000CORE, the company’s leading amp/effects processors for guitarists and bassists. The Version 4.0 (GT-1000) and Version 2.0 (GT-1000CORE) updates add three expressive high-gain guitar amps, additional bass amps, new guitar effects, and more. Available as free downloads, these substantial updates reflect BOSS’s dedication to the continuing development of its flagship-class GT platform.

GT-1000 and GT-1000CORE Update Features

Three newly developed high-gain guitar amp types spotlight the continuing evolution of the advanced AIRD (Augmented Impulse Response Dynamics) and MDP (Multi-Dimensional Processing) technologies from BOSS:

X-Ultra—Inspired by a classic British stack amp modified with a modern multi-stage gain circuit. MDP provides intelligent control of the clipping in each gain stage, realizing extended dynamic response that’s not possible with traditional analog designs.

X-Optima—With many high-gain tube amplifiers, it can be difficult to strike the ideal tonal balance between chords and single notes. X-Optima features an innovative new gain algorithm that takes full advantage of MDP’s adaptive frequency shaping, providing well-defined rhythm sounds and rich lead tones that sit perfectly in every mix.

X-Titan—This articulate amp type is perfect for aggressive metal styles driven by heavy riffs. MDP delivers sharp, tight sounds on the low strings while retaining fatness and body in the high ranges, making it well-suited for down tunings and extended-range guitars with seven or eight strings.

The GT-1000 and GT-1000CORE updates also include six new bass preamps, two new drive effects, a new tuner display mode, and under-the-hood enhancements.

About the GT-1000

The BOSS GT-1000 has received universal acclaim for its premium audio quality, extensive effects, and versatile real-time control with 10 onboard footswitches and an expression pedal. Advanced AIRD technology delivers class-leading sound and feel, driven by 32-bit AD/DA, 32-bit floating-point processing, and a 96 kHz sampling rate throughout.

The GT-1000’s impressive DSP engine offers on-demand power for 24 simultaneous effects and two amps in each patch, eliminating frustrating limitations while creating sounds. The rear panel features diverse connectivity options, including stereo XLR outputs and USB for audio transfer and editing with a desktop computer. In addition, onboard Bluetooth® enables wireless editing with iOS and Android mobile apps.

About the GT-1000CORE

The BOSS GT-1000CORE offers the complete sound-creation features of the GT-1000 in a go-everywhere format. Its compact footprint features three customizable footswitches, allowing players to travel light while tackling any professional playing situation. The efficient hardware design supports a wide range of connectivity options, including stereo audio I/O, two effect loops, external control jacks, and TRS MIDI I/O.

To learn more, visit www.boss.info.