ADDAC System Launches Balanced Input and Output Modules

ADDAC System introduces two new Eurorack modules: the ADDAC710 Balanced Outputs and the ADDAC711 Balanced Inputs. The new modules are designed to keep your modular system free of undesired, noisy audio interference by providing shielding and electrical isolation from external sources. Both modules — which are also available as DIY kits — are just 6HP wide and available now at a price of €160 (710) and €240 (711).

The ADDAC710 circuit is designed around an impedance matching transformer, operating in the 20 Hz to 20 KHz range, and provides two fully balanced outputs (via XLR connectors). This module serves as a low-cost alternative to the ADDAC800X High-End Outputs module, which ADDAC System has redesigned using a smaller low-cost transformer that also reduces it’s depth — making it perfect for more shallow Eurorack cases.

Features and Specifications

  • Two independent output channels
  • LIFT/FLOAT/GND toggle switch
  • Signal overload warning LED
  • (2) XLR Outputs
  • 6HP 4 cm deep 40mA +12V 40mA -12V