Absolut and Beatport Launch Global New Year’s Eve Party to #DanceAway2020

In response to global research insight that consumers, especially LDA Gen Z*, are craving real life connections, Absolut has launched a campaign to celebrate the great things that happen when diverse minds come together reminding the world that nothing beats together in real life.

Both companies share the collective view of looking forward to a time when being #TogetherIRL is safe again. The virtual festival aims to connect the world through music in a 20+ hour live stream of the hottest acts of the moment.

Beatport x Absolut NYE 2020 kicks off before midnight local time in Melbourne, Australia with Carl Cox, ringing in one of the first 2021 New Year’s celebrations on the planet. From there, the world’s most ambitious New Year’s Eve party will seamlessly bounce to 15+ timezones in all, including Shanghai, New Delhi, Dubai, Odessa, Berlin, London, Saõ Paolo, Miami, Calgary and San Francisco before finishing up back in Melbourne with a closing set from Carl Cox. #DanceAway2020 will be available to watch on Beatport’s Twitch channel, as well as on YouTube and Facebook. For a full list of artists, times and more information please visit www.absolut.com/NYE2020 or follow @AbsolutVodka

With an eye towards giving up-and-coming DJs a chance to play alongside some of the world’s most successful performers. Phase One of the confirmed lineup and time zones so far is below:

City                             Performer

Melbourne                  Carl Cox
Tokyo                          TBA
Shanghai                     Ray Ray
Bangkok                      TBA
New Delhi                   BLOT!
Dubai                          Jixo & Danz
Odessa                       Nastia
Berlin                           TBA
Newcastle                   TBA
London                        Jaguar
Florianopolis               TBA
Miami                          Jamie Jones
Calgary                       TBA
San Francisco             Tokimonsta
Melbourne                   Carl Cox

“With human connection more important than ever, we’re looking forward to the moment when we can be together in real life. Building community experiences that allow for connection given the circumstances is incredibly important to Absolut,” said Tad Greenough, Global Head of Creative. “Creating #DanceAway2020 with our friends at Beatport is an exciting and innovative way to ring in the New Year using music as a way to connect and celebrate” added Georgia McDonnell-Adams, Global Experience & Partnerships Manager.

“This has been a challenging year for everyone,” said Ed Hill, Vice President, Media Group at Beatport. “But one silver lining has been how the dance community has rallied around live streams to keep the culture that we all love alive. Coming together with Absolut to host this incredible lineup performing from cities all over the world is the best way to send 2020 packing.”

Beatport has been a maverick in creating live stream events for the dance music community. Kicking off in March with a 33-hour marathon that raised nearly $200,000 for DJs who have been sidelined by the pandemic. Since then Beatport live streams have driven more than 114 million views with more than 500 million impressions.