Attend Quadio's Winter Songwriting Retreat

Quadio is a multi-faceted collective at the intersection of the arts, entertainment, and tech world. Quadio brings together college-level creatives by maintaining a finger on the pulse of current, cutting edge youth culture while also tapping leaders in the media and music industry.

Quadio has spent the year hosting songwriting and production clubs for college students across the country. Their standard creative clubs run for 4-6 weeks and are made up of weekly group meetings, collaborative writing prompts, and a bunch of awesome performance opportunities. This winter break, Quadio is kicking it up a notch with their first ever Winter Songwriting Retreat. It's the full club experience packed into a single weekend of community-building and music creation, featuring networking events, writing room pairings, and group feedback sessions - all culminating in an Open Mic Night event for artists to perform for one another. The retreat kicks off December 18th - 20th and is free to sign up, here:

“Our recent clubs and open mic nights have seen such tremendous success, resulting in a ton of outstanding music and countless new collaborations and friendships. We knew we wanted to take advantage of the downtime that students will have over this winter break and create a really special space for them to connect and create,” said Miranda Martell, Quadio’s Chief Growth Officer. “It’s thrilling to get to build a platform where artists from around the country can come together to make music and make friends. That’s why Quadio exists!”