Above Ground Studios

Up Close: Above Ground Studios

A Career Built on Great Sound: After attending the Institute of Audio Research and interning at various studios in NYC, Nate Middleman launched his career as a producer and engineer with underground hip- hop artists and others on majors like Def Jam IMG_2857and Atlantic. In 2005, he launched his first studio in his native Baltimore, focusing on recording and mixing. Working with many different mastering studios convinced him to learn the craft and add that service himself. He built Above Ground Studios in a warehouse, launching Above Ground Studios in 2016.

Specialties and Amenities: The full-service facility specializes in audio recording, mixing and mastering, as well as photography, video, CD duplication and promotion. Middleman says of his hands on, full-service operation, “Our name is a play on the concept on the word ‘underground’ because our philosophy is all about giving indie artists the competitive edge they need to rise from underground status to mainstream success.”

The boutique studio, which has a production room, live drum room, vocal booth and mixing and mastering room, was designed by Frank Comentale, who has designed facilities for everyone from Wyclef Jean and Diddy to the Red Bull Recording Academy. Its mastering suite features a tailor-made Totem monitoring system installed by visionary acoustician Vince Bruzzese. The large warehouse setting includes

a custom apartment upstairs for lengthy stays and a dedicated creative space filled with his extensive LP collection and equipment for artists to compose, record and listen.

Servicing Multiple Genres: The late six-time Grammy-winning mastering engineer Tom Coyne, who mastered recordings by Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Adele and Bruno Mars, said of Middleman: “Nate has the ability to bring the energy needed to take your record to the next level.” Though grounded in hip-hop, Middleman has mixed and mastered in multiple genres, including R&B, reggae and pop. Recent projects include Tate Kobang’s “Bank Rolls Remix” (#4 Spotify #22 Billboard), HBO’s Ballers, MTV’s Wildin Out, Playstation’s Watch Dogs 2, Lil Mo’s “Come See Me” (remix) feat. Party Next Door and Drake, and the track “Chitthi,” the title song from a new Bollywood film being used to promote its release on TV and radio in India this year. His clientele includes artists from 15 different countries, including India, Canada, the U.K. and nations in Africa.

Contact Above Ground Studios, 443-255-5016