World Music Artist Onyeka Nwelue Focuses on Mental Health

The story behind Onyeka Nwelue’s debut world music single, “Break your Heart,” which he wrote and sang while undergoing psychiatric treatment, was produced by Eternal Nnamdi Mbamara (aka Eternal Africa) and released by Walboomers Music accompanied by a video.

A Nigerian scholar who had esteemed positions in academia in African studies at two of the world’s most prestigious universities, University of Oxford and Cambridge, Nwelue authored twenty-five books – novels, nonfiction and poetry, including the award-winning “Hip-Hop is Only for Children.” He’s also a filmmaker and documentarian, talk show host and teacher who served as the dean of the School of Cinematographic Studies at Université Queensland in Haiti. Among his many academic achievements was studying ancient masterpieces of world literature at Harvard University; a research associate at the University of Johannesburg; visiting assistant professor at the University of Manipur; visiting lecturer at the University of Hong Kong; and visiting researcher at Ohio University.

“In psychiatry, one’s mental illness can be contained through the use of music and visual arts, especially when it comes to ADHD and concentration. One needs to fully concentrate on something to be able to stay sane. Most mentally ill people have creative ways of handling their condition. I find creative ways to stay sane and that is by listening to jazz music.”

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