Waves Now Shipping The Spherix Immersive Compressor & Limiter

Waves Audio, the world’s leading developer of professional audio signal processing technologies and plugins, is now shipping Waves Spherix: a suite of two plugins – a compressor and a brickwall limiter – designed from the ground up for fast, efficient work on the beds (fixed channels) of immersive 7.1.4/7.1.2 mixing environments such as Dolby Atmos®.   

Waves Spherix offers dynamics that are specifically designed for immersive mixing. Finally, you can save precious time and avoid tedious manual workarounds when mixing immersive audio. With Spherix’s streamlined, immersive-ready workflows, you can:   

  • Mix faster without swapping channels: Spherix’s quick-access controls, available for each channel right below the metering, allow you to tweak parameters quickly across all channels, without tediously swapping from one channel to the next.  
  • Tweak multiple channels with a single touch (multi-mono): Use “Control Linking” to group multiple channels by speaker zones—tops, surrounds, your choice of three front-wall groupings (L+R, L+R+C, L+R+C+LFE), or all your channels together. Now you can quickly tweak the settings of multiple channels with a single click of the mouse, mixing quickly in multi-mono while maintaining relative settings between channels.  
  • Process grouped speaker zones instantly: Use “Channel Linking” to group your channels based on speaker zones—and instantly compress or limit each entire zone as a bus (rather than as separately processed channels). Compress/limit your tops as one unified zone, your sides and rears as another, your front-wall (L+R, L+R+C, or L+R+C+LFE) as yet another zone—with a unified compressor or limiter applied instantly across all channels in the group.
  • Adjust the sidechain reaction you want: The innovative Weight control—a Spherix exclusive—lets you adjust the balance and content of the sidechain that feeds channel-linked groups. You can choose whether the grouped channels will react more to each individual channel, more to the entire group, or more to all other channels—including all points in-between.
  • Meter multiple channels conveniently: Multi-channel meters let you instantly view the levels and gain reduction of all channels, without having to manually switch channels.    

Waves Spherix features:

  • Includes the Spherix Compressor and Spherix Limiter 
  • Dedicated workflows for 7.1.4/7.1.2 immersive formats 
  • Process entire grouped speaker zones using Channel Linking 
  • Adjust multiple channels (multi-mono) with fast Control Linking 
  • Choose from three front-wall linking options: L+R, L+R+C, L+R+C+LFE 
  • Mix faster with quick-access controls in a streamlined multi-channel layout 
  • Control multi-channel sidechain reaction using the Spherix-only Weight control 
  • Monitor levels and gain reduction easily with multi-channel metering 

Crystal-clear and punchy, the Waves Spherix Immersive Compressor and Limiter finally give you the workflows you need to create immersive mixes hassle-free and faster than ever.    

To learn more: https://www.waves.com/plugins/spherix-immersive-compressor-limiter#introducing-spherix-immersive-compressor-limiter