Waves Audio Ships "Voltage Amps" Guitar & Bass Amp Plugins

Waves Audio, the world’s leading developer of professional audio signal processing technologies and plugins, is now shipping Voltage Amps, guitar & bass amp plugins featuring seven iconic guitar and bass amps, optimized for instant tone gratification. These plugins give access to perfect guitar and bass tones, right out of the box.

These newly designed amps cover a rich palette of classic and modern sounds, with over 400 presets from from the producers and engineers for Foo Fighters, Taylor Swift, Doja Cat, Panic at the Disco!, and more—as well as signature presets from metal legend Dave Mustaine and iconic producer Butch Vig (Nirvana). Endless tweaking tends to kill inspiration—so with Voltage Amps, Waves has made sure users get inspiring guitar and bass tones, immediately. Voltage amps are designed to deliver satisfying tone in any setting. Select Clean, Overdrive or Lead characters for each amp, choose from six carefully matched cabs, then hone the tone with the Gain, Cab Tone, Tone Stack and Room controls. And, there is a Focus controlwhich matches the amps’ tone to a user’s individual guitar and pickups. 

Comparing the different amps in Voltage is easy: just switch amps in the amp selection section of the GUI, and the newly loaded amp will preserve all the settings from the previous amps, for easy comparison.  Voltage Amps includes five guitar amps and two bass amps. Each of the guitar amps delivers an iconic sound, based on classic American and British amps—clean to crunchy, jangly to high-gain aggressive. The bass amps range from smooth vintage to full-spectrum modern.  

The following guitar amps are included, each one carefully designed and internally part-matched to deliver a distinct, familiar character: Silverado: Classic American smooth-sounding guitar tones, excelling in clean and punchy sound, with fat drive channels.Arena: Stadium-rock tone of the 70s-80s, featuring timeless British crunch. Royal-X: British chime and sweetness ranging from vintage Beatles to modern-day indie. Blue Flame: Modern boutique high-gain amp, from hard-rock to scorching fusion tones. Aggro: Vicious, metal-forward, high-gain beast. And the following bass amps are included:Vintage Velvet: Vintage style bass amp, velvety and warm.Dark Mass: modern-day bass amp, in full EQ spectrum plenty of punch. 

Also, enjoy over 100 complete plugin FX chains, made by top artists especially for Voltage Amps, available in Waves AI-powered StudioVerse. When it comes to bass: whether users want deep, clean bass, an edge that cuts through mixes, or a thick menacing growl, Voltage bass amps give a versatile low end—from the smooth classic tones of Vintage Velvet to the modern full-spectrum power of Dark Mass. Additionally, Producers and Engineers can go beyond guitar and bass: Voltage Amps offer wild versatility in the studio. Add character to drum loops, presence and power to synth leads, grit to kicks, and beautiful saturation to vocals.  

Waves Voltage Amps Features:Seven guitar and bass amps, optimized for perfect toneAmps cover full sonic spectrum: clean to crunchy, jangly to high-gain aggressive

Choose from a variety of cabs and cab tones, plus tailor-made IRs Stereo room emulation adds authentic ambiance Kickstart your creativity with 400+ presets by top artists Match amp performance to your own guitar and pickups, with the Focus control
Use Cab bypass to feed physical cabs. Or, add a separate IR loader

Go beyond guitars: Add character to vocals, synths, drum loopsVoltage Amps is included in Waves MercuryPro ShowSD7 Pro Showbundles and in Waves Access Ultimate and Essential. To learn more, click here. Videos:“Introducing Voltage Amps  Perfect Guitar & Bass Tones”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DR1V-iEtaPg“Hear Voltage Amps IN ACTION Quick Plugin Demo”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OU7KNWggGYY