Watch DJ & Producer Justin Robertson discuss new novel "The Tangle"

Justin Robertson’s illustrious career began with the birth of Acid House and has since followed a path that has successfully defied conventions as he continues to create new and timeless releases in his many guises as writer, producer and remixer. His tireless mantra to keep pushing forward has kept him in demand and at the forefront of the ever changing world of forward thinking music.

Justin is far more than the sum of his releases and remixes. He has garnered a loyal audience to his radio shows that effortlessly combine music from every genre, crossing time and space to entertain music fans of any age. Beyond the music lies his passion for art, finding time to produce numerous collections that explore and stimulate discussions on philosophical themes and have been shown across Europe.

Join us this November as we talk to Justin Robertson - author - as we hear first hand about his highly anticipated new novel - The Tangle - “a trans-dimensional trip into a mysterious knot of nature where all mankind’s hubris is rendered insignificant”. This will be a Campfire like no other, we hope to see you all there.

Campfire is live, online & free.

More details about this event will follow in the coming weeks.

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